About us

Aeiphoria Capital is a private equity company founded in early 2021. Aeiphoria Capital GmbH operates in the field of equity financing. Furthermore, it provides assistance in business matters, management and administrative services. The name, Aeiphoria, is a combination of the Greek words αειφορία (aeiforia = sustainability) and ευφορία (ephoria = euphoria). Together with the α (A), those determine the company strategy. Aeiphoria stands for sustainable growth and innovation with a positive entrepreneurial culture and added value for all stakeholders.

Aeiphoria is located in Vienna, and our geographical focus is on the “DACH” region (Austria, Germany, and Switzerland) and Southeast Europe. Our founder’s backgrounds and our core competencies determine our industry focus. Therefore, our main target sectors are life sciences and mobility. Further, we are interested in manufacturing and materials focusing on innovation in terms of product, market, or performance. However, we do not exclude any region or sector and keep our eyes open opportunistically in all directions.