About us

Aeiphoria Capital is a private equity firm founded in 2021. The name Aeiphoria is a combination of the Greek words αειφορία (aeiforia = sustainability) and ευφορία (ephoria = euphoria). Together with the α (A), these determine the company’s strategy. Our focus is on sustainable growth and innovation with a positive corporate culture and added value for all stakeholders. Aeiphoria is headquartered in Vienna, and our geographic focus is on the “DACH” region (Austria, Germany, and Switzerland) as well as Southeastern Europe. Our investment strategy focuses on long-term investments in companies with a sustainable business model and strong growth potential. Our industry focus is on the rail vehicle industry. However, we are also open to investment opportunities in other industries if they meet our criteria.

Our experienced team consists of experts with many years of experience in the investment industry and other relevant fields. We work closely with our portfolio companies to maximize their growth potential and ensure their long-term stability. At Aeiphoria Capital, we strive to create sustainable value with an entrepreneurial perspective and long-term thinking.